Right and Wrong in Education Today

What is Right or Wrong with Education?

This is an extremely heavy question when you really look at it in relevance to the world we are living in today.  Of course there are MANY things we are doing right in the education system, but on the other hand, there are TOO MANY things we are doing wrong! Some things that I was completely oblivious to until after watching Mr. Godin’s Stop Stealing Dreams video.  The video was a complete eye opener to several things that have been, and still are going on right in front of me and all around me, yet I was completely blinded from until now.  His explanations of our educational system and why we do what we do, were fascinating.  I highly recommend anyone that has any uncertainty about our educational system to watch his video or read his PDF documents.  His explanations of the school system being formed to turn out factory workers in the industrial era, us training students to be obedient, sit in straight rows, do as they’re told, use only the materials that we say to use, follow the format that we specify, etc, left me with my mouth open in shock.  It has been instilled in me, by previous teachers of mine as well as co-workers now, that we are just teaching students to be able to follow instructions, and become good, responsible employees; however, what we are really doing is causing students to be completely dependent on other individuals to tell them each step they need to make, and eliminating any possible chance that those students may have any capabilities of becoming critical thinkers, problem solvers, or innovators.  Mr. Godin had several points that made perfect sense, such as, us being taught to always hold something back.  He gave a demonstration by asking the audience to raise their hand, then asking everyone to raise it a little higher.  He went on to tell them that we are taught from a young age to always hold a little back, so that when employers ask for more, we have something else to offer.  This is something else that I feel is wrong with the education system.  I know that I personally try to teach my students to give 110% in everything they do.  A personal value and core belief for me is that if you are not going to devote yourself completely to something, then there is no reason to do it at all.  Time is extremely valuable to me, and I know it is to many other people also.  This applies to many aspects of our lives, work, school, sports, families, etc. If we do not fully commit to everything that we do, we are not only cheating ourselves, but we are also cheating others involved.  The question he asks over and over is, “What is school for?” (Godin, 2012).  Simple enough, right? You would think so, but he makes you really rethink that simple question throughout his video.  What is your answer? Most people think school is to prepare people to go out and get a job, especially at the college level.  People may say that elementary is to prepare students for high school, high school is to prepare students for college, but college is to prepare students for their career, right? “If school’s function is to create the workers we need to fuel our economy, we need to change school, because the workers we need have changed as well” (Godin, 2012).  I could not agree with this more.  We must change the way we are doing things, and not continue to teach how we have always be taught, yet expect different outcomes from our students!


Godin, Seth (2012). Stop stealing dreams. Retrieved May 1, 2016, from


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