Project: Enhancing with E-Ports

Welcome to my outline of my Innovation Plan, Enhancing with E-Ports!

For further details on how and why this project will benefit our students:

Please visit my innovation plan, which details why I originally decided to tackle this project, and my Literature Review which includes supporting evidence based on traceable and reputable research.

Step 1: Preparing

  • Academic Goals
    • Starting within my college instrumentation classes
    • Striving to reach all instructors’ instrumentation classes
  • Supporters
    • Department Chair
    • Program Director
    • Instrumentation Instructors and Faculty
    • Students and family
  • Funding
    • No funding will be needed

Step 2: Planning

  • Platform and Content
    • if students choose to purchase their own domain
  • Devices accessible to our students
    • Student computer lab
    • Student Technology Center
    • PLC Lab
    • Mary & John Gray library at Lamar campus
    • Personal devices
  • Room for Improvement and Efficiancy Measurement
    • Develop student surveys
    • Develop faculty user surveys
  • Grading
    • First Semester
      • Students will be graded only on participation during the e-portfolio launch
    • Second Semester and beyond
      • Students will receive a participation grade for the semester
      • Students will also receive grades based on rubrics for each given assignment that will be uploaded or posted on the e-portfolios
  • Strategies and Timeline
    • Prior to the start of the first semester of Enhancing with E-Ports
      • Introduce Enhancing with E-Ports innovation plan and request approval from Mr. O’Connor, Department Chair, and Mr. Jacobs, Program Director, along with our other instrumentation instructors, faculty members, and interested staff
      • Offer small group overviews and brief training to interested faculty within our program
    • First Semester of Enhancing with E-Ports: (Fall 2016)
      • Introduce E-Portfolios to students in four of my college level instrumentation classes
        • AC/DC Motor Controls
        • Programmable Logic Controls
        • Electrical Codes and Safety
        • Physics of Instrumentation
      • Encourage other faculty members to introduce E-Portfolios to their entry-level students (at minimum), but possibly everyone
      • Explain the importance of these digital documents and their possible benefits to our students within our program and beyond graduation
        • Collaboration with other students
        • Boost of student engagement in learning experiences
        • Assists with job placement upon graduation
        • Create contacts and relationships with future students of L.I.T.
      • Have each student construct a “skeleton e-portfolio”
      • Practice posting, editing, and customizing e-portfolios throughout the semester
    • Follow Up and Feedback: (End of Fall 2016 Semester)
      • Assign an anonymous feedback survey to each student involved in the e-portfolio implementation
      • Administer anonymous feedback surveys to all faculty members involved
      • Review the student and faculty feedback from the surveys with Mr. O’Connor, Mr. Jacobs, and other involved faculty members
      • Make any necessary changes and discuss our path forward in the next semester
    • Second Semester of Enhancing with E-Ports: (Spring 2017)
      • Repeat the “First Semester of Enhancing with E-Ports” phase from above with any entry-level classes
      • Begin more in-depth customizations with second-semester “e-portfolio-ers”
      • Start assigning lab summaries as blog posts
      • Assign field related, industry inspired, outside of class activities to be discussed as blogs throughout the semester
      • Provide feedback to students throughout the semester to ensure they are on the right track
      • Have students create a page within their e-portfolio detailing their learning experiences, hands-on activities, and acquired knowledge from the over-all course as their “Final” project
    • Follow Up and Feedback: (End of Spring 2017 Semester)
      • Once again, assign an anonymous feedback survey to each student involved in the e-portfolio implementation
      • Administer feedback surveys to all faculty members involved
      • Review the student and faculty feedback from the surveys with Mr. O’Connor, Mr. Jacobs, and other involved faculty members
      • Make any necessary changes and discuss our path forward in the next semester
    • Dreams for our Co-Op Class through Enhancing with E-Ports: (Fall 2017 Semester)
      • Graduating students should have an e-portfolio developed by this time
      • Students in this class will create a weekly blog updating us on their recent field experiences, newly gained knowledge, weekly work/school schedule, and outlook for the next week
      • Students will create an end-of-semester project using their preferred form of digital media to upload to their e-portfolio giving a complete summary of their co-op experience
    • On the horizon, possibilities of Enhancing with E-Ports: (Fall 2017-Fall 2018)
      • Increase the number of activities and the amount of student engagement with each other and their e-portfolios
      • Begin to assign special projects such as interviews with field personnel or industry leaders for students to blog about
      • Provide feedback to ensure our students remain on the right track
      • Continue to attempt to bring other faculty members on board as we see the benefits for our students from their positive feedback

Step 3: Implementation

  • Professional Development
    • Who
      • Instrumentation Instructors and faculty members
      • Department Chair
      • Program Director
      • Technology services
    • What
      • How we will work together
      • Challenges we may face
      • Mindsets of embracing educational change
      • Benefits for our students
      • Qualities of personal characteristics
      • Technical skills
    • When
      • Initial professional development briefing will be held before Fall 2016 semester begins
      • More detail courses will be available each year during All College Day
    • How
      • Face-to-Face classes during All College Day
      • Online instructional videos via Blackboard
  • Continuous Improvement
    • Capture lessons learned
      • Review feedback from surveys
      • Discuss what worked well
      • Enhance what did not work well







6 thoughts on “Project: Enhancing with E-Ports

  1. readthinkrepeatblog says:

    Peer Review #1
    I like the bulleted list. It makes everything easy to see. I agree with having a few items to work on so as not to be overwhelmed. I see how you built in collaboration. I concur. It’s important to have some allies to support you. I think eportfolios are great. I also built in surveys for the students. They will be brutally honest and can really inform your process.
    Question: What age are the students? I’m assuming high school or college. Maybe add that to your plan.
    Check me out at I’d love for you to give me some constructive criticism.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kari Maurer says:

    Peer Review #2:
    Wow! What a detailed outline! I really like your long-term plan for the students who continue in your classes. By the time they’re done with their program they will have well-developed ePortfolios that will help them get jobs. The feedback survey will be helpful in your implementation each time. Nice work!


  3. Isaura Herrera says:

    Peer Review #3
    Your plan for implementing E-Portfolios appropriately includes realistic timeframes and an overview of how it will be introduced and explained to students making it a meaningful project. You’ve also included the assignment of an anonymous survey for students; would faculty feedback also help in your quest to defining the effectiveness of the project? It could possibly be integrated with other classes to make it even more meaningful! I would suggest putting the grade/school level somewhere for first-time viewers. Overall, you’ve done an excellent job making an assignment into a meaningful project that not only incorporates a student’s academic life, but also their personal interests.


    1. Chelsea Hoke says:

      Thank you for your suggestions! Yes, the age/grade level will definitely be included. I have it on my revision list right now. Faculty feedback surveys are a great idea! I will add those also. Thank you so much!


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