Enhancing with E-Ports Video

This is a short video demonstrating why E-Portfolios should be used in our classes at L.I.T, and how they can positively impact our students and their futures!

I created this video with the goal of showing my leaders, colleagues, students, and upper administrative personnel exactly how beneficial e-portfolios can be for our students.  I want them to understand that creating and using e-portfolios within our classrooms can positively impact our students learning experience as well as their futures.  My goal was to personalize this video specifically to LIT students and employees to demonstrate the benefits they can receive.  I want people to understand that these e-portfolios are not just another technology trend, or teaching fad, but instead, they are an actual useful tool that can help our students, at our school, with their real life problems.

Example of a lab summary blog post our students can use

I wanted to capture the heartache that I hear each semester.  I have some truly amazing, extremely knowledgeable, hard-working students that should never have a problem getting a job, stressed out because they do not have any “experience”.  I have been in those same shoes before.  I too graduated from LIT with an associate’s in Instrumentation.  My last semester of school, I had interview after interview.  I had managed to get through school with a 4.0, and an abundance of recommendations from instructors; however, I did not have the “experience”.  How was I supposed to portray this? How do you explain to someone what you have learned in school for two years while keeping your resume concise and neat?  I want to help our students solve this problem. I honestly believe this struggle can be eliminated through the implementation of e-portfolios, all while gaining so much more!

I originally thought about setting up a mock interview with someone being rejected, then showing students performing lab activities and documenting their work on e-portfolios, then having another mock interview, where the prospective employer actually pulls up the students e-portfolio and reads through the lab summaries and learning activities while questioning the student, and in turn, hires the student; however, due to the time limit we were given, I could not do all of this and cover the other added benefits that e-portfolios can offer our students.

Although I kept the career placement as my main focus, I changed exactly how I would portray this struggle to better allow me to capture the benefits of student collaboration, engagement, networking, communication, and career placement.

I really wanted to have my actual students working in our lab settings at school in my video, but the timing was not in my favor.  I went to LIT and borrowed a few lab coats, hard hats, and a few pieces of lab equipment that I could wire up to create a simple lab experiment.

I forgot to tell them they need steel-toed boots!

I asked my cousin, niece, and nephew to stand in and be fill in students for my lab video… I have GREAT family!


I used Movie Maker to create my video.  I created text slides for my rejection quotes that too many students get tired of hearing at the beginning of my video.  I imported the lab video next to show how my students really do get hands-on experience.  We actually wire things and make motors, lights, pumps, valves, actuators, and more function properly.  There is danger involved in our labs just like there is danger involved in the field.  I want our students to be able to relate that information to potential employers! I then added photos from the royalty free website Graphic Stock


to demonstrate the extra benefits of creating a space to house your work, having the capability of real-time feedback with people in your class, as well as people across the world, and the ability to take it with you when you graduate and use it as long as you would like.  After all of my photos were inserted, I began to record narrations of what my photos were symbolizing.

no music
The tan and brown waves under the photos are narration waves.

I decided to record my narrations in sections so I would not have to re-record the entire video if one part messed up.  Although that was a benefit, it also came with a negative.  I fought with lining up the timings on the narration recordings and photos for a while!

Each element has a tool bar that offers different functions and options

I then created the slide transitions so my photos were not just flashing one right after the other, and included some animations to make the movie more appealing to the viewer.  When I had all of those timings down, I then added my music from FMA. After numerous trial runs tweaking the timing, volumes, and animations, I was finally satisfied with my end result!

Below you will find a few more photos of my work space and the tools I used to create the finished product of my video.

This is the final video, before processing! The green wave line is the music and tan is narration.
FMA site used for music
Animation Tools used to create transitions and effects
video tools
Video Tools used to alter how long each slide is shown
Narration Tools allow you to adjust the volume, fading, and more of your voice-overs

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