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What does it take to successfully implement change in an organization where change seems impossible? While I imagine people would answer this question with a wide variety of responses, I would bet they all have something in common. Complete organizational change will never be accomplished without the right person with the right attitude, the right knowledge, and the right tools driving the force.

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What does it take to successfully implement change in an organization where change seems impossible?

Notice I didn’t say, “We just need a good leader.” In a change process, we must win over the hearts and the minds of the people involved (Kotter, 2013). If we truly want to bring people to our side, and have them fully committed to making this happen, we must have them believe what we believe and feel the way we feel, not just make them think we have a decent idea (Sinek, 2013).

We may be able to convince people that we have a good idea, but if we do not first establish a sense of urgency as our foundation and identify why we are doing what we are doing, Quality Definition Button Showing Excellent Superior Premium Producteventually the change effort will fail. I am hoping that starting at the inside of the golden circle with my Why statement identifying why I am doing this, then working out to the How and What statements, will establish a strong foundation and help me influence people to strongly believe in my plan. I have included my Why statements below, but please visit my Why? blog to see how I developed these statements.


I believe the learners in the Instrumentation program at Lamar Institute of Technology are the leaders of tomorrow’s automation and instrumentation industry.


We engage in quality, industry driven education in a collaborative, hands-on, learner-focused environment where students use advancing technology to gain authentic field-experience learning.


We create opportunities for students to learn to design, build, troubleshoot, and think critically, while documenting these learning experiences on their e-portfolios to demonstrate how they have become true innovators in the automation industry.

In order to create authentic, long-term change, we must mold positive, desired behaviors. To convince people to perform behaviors out of the ordinary, we must first make them believe what we believe- feel what we feel- and want the outcomes that we want. We Ideas Mind Showing Improvement Thoughts Or Creativityneed to do more than persuade them; we need to influence them! Often times, talking about changing a person is perceived negatively, and can ultimately set our change efforts up for failure! If we focus on setting up positive influences, we can reach people without blatantly coming out and saying, “I’m sorry, but you are wrong and need to change!” Using Grenny’s six sources of influence to help guide us in our successful change effort, we can impact people in ways we never could have previously imagined.

In McChesney’s (2012) video, he tells us that Ram Charan stated, “70% of strategic failures are due to poor execution of leaders.” I refuse to let my innovation plan be one of those statistics! The 4DX model helps us overcome this whirlwind by implementing 4 disciplines to execute our goals. In our lives, the urgency of the whirlwind acts on us, and we are forced to deal with it whether we want to or not; however, we must choose to act on the importance of our goals, and make an extra effort to do so. This model focuses on four disciplines of execution and five stages of change to expect to help keep us on track, measure our progress, and identify if we are winning or losing, while implementing change within an organization.Blue Goals Word Shows Objectives Hope And Future

Starting with my strong foundational Why statements, preparing myself for crucial conversations as a differentiated leader, then using the 4DX model, accompanied with the Influencer Strategy, I feel most certain that I will be able to successfully implement my Enhancing with E-ports innovation plan!

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