Supporting My Plan

As an educator, my students’ success is my number one priority. As a teacher at a two year technical college, several other factors also play significant roles for me.  Enrollment numbers are one, retention rate is next, and job placement rate is final; however, I want to dig deeper than job placement. I want to specify job placement within the student’s degree field. Teaching instrumentation students is somewhat unique since upon graduation, they are expected to have field experience and hands-on training.

I have introduced my innovation plan numerous times in various blogs, but if you have missed out on this, the high-level overview is that I am implementing an e-portfolio platform in my program with the goal of achieving 100% faculty participation. We will have our students create an e-portfolio their first semester, and use it to document their learning experiences, lab activities, and class collaboration in a consolidated platform where information can be easily accessed for study material, resumes, interviews, and course refreshers.

In order to achieve the 100% buy-in I previously mentioned, I am going to need to prove that the e-portfolios will truly benefit our students. I plan to do this by analyzing the job placement data of instrumentation students before e-portfolios, and job placement data after e-portfolios.  I will also be using personal questionnaires for faculty members involved and surveys for students. The last piece of my data collection will be soliciting student volunteers to help keep me updated on the job search progress using e-portfolio information after graduation.

Because I will be implementing action research during the launch of my innovation plan, all of this is tentative and subject to change once the process begins. The key component of action research is to remain flexible and open to necessary modifications.  Personal professional reflection will be number one priority and an absolute must for complete success. This professional reflection will give me an opportunity to look at my own process, identify problem areas, find early solutions to potential problems on the rise, and make note of what is working well.  Action Research allows the educator to continuously tweak and modify their current plans to help adapt to the environment and overcome obstacles as they arise.


ChelseaHoke_AR_Outline | Piktochart Infographic Editor

Source: ChelseaHoke_AR_Outline


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